Learning Management System

Our world leading Learning Management System has been developed and refined over several years by a team of educational specialists with the aim of providing the best and most productive learning experience for the trainee and the most efficient tracking and reporting for those responsible for delivering the training.

For the learner the system provides:

  • A highly user friendly and intuitive user interface, which provides immediate feedback and access to further supporting materials.
  • Accessibility to training on all types of digital devices including mobile phone, tablet and desktop computer.
  • Access to materials in multiple media formats to suit all learning styles.

For the trainer the system provides:

  • Fully integrated learner tracking and reporting.
  • Integration with existing HR and other organizational systems including Webex and Office365.
  • Unlimited scalability within the organisation with courses delivered to any number of learners on demand. 
  • The ability to drive improvement by generating an organizational competency profile.
  • Compatibility with standardised frameworks including SCORM, TinCan (experience API and H5P) enabling portability of training material and assets from other training programmes.
Viewing the LMS
Viewing the LMS
Trainee on a laptop learning the LMS
Learning the LMS
trainer training the sales team in the use o the Learning Management System
Training with the LMS

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